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Provided to YouTube by ONErpm Mac · Malito Malozo · Divino · Bayriton · Jorge Bairon Camilo Ñancupil Vera · Matias Opazo · Daniel Velázquez Mac ℗ Los del Rating Released on: 2022-07-01 Producer: Abraham Wayne Producer: Mateo on the Beatz Auto-generated by YouTube.

M.A.C - Cuma Saya ( Official Music Video )


Titlle : Cuma Saya Singer : Elmar , Bello , Roold , Rhe M.A.C , Riona , Mor M.A.C , Bray_D Genre : Reagge Year : 2020 Instrument + Mixing & mastering : Morde sawaki Song writer : Morde sawaki For businnes : Instagram : Morde_sawakii 🤍 Email : mordesawaki🤍 Kontak : 081247676381 JANGAN LUPA LIKE COMENT SHARE DAN SUBSCRIBE 🔔 Dengarkan Lagu CUMA SAYA di Aplikasi Langit Musik 🤍 Aktifkan NSP CUMA SAYA dengan cara: Telkomsel: Ketik CUMASAYA kirim ke 1212 XL/Axis: Ketik CUMASAYA kirim ke 1818 Tri: Ketik CUMASAYA kirim ke 1212 TERIMAKASIH 🤗 #cumasaya#reaggetimurindonesia#timutsonghits#timursong#hitstimur#lagurapreagge#indonesiamusic#mordesawaki#hiphoptimurreagge

Mac Miller: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


Watch Mac Miller play "Small Worlds", "What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)" and "2009" at the Tiny Desk. Did you know you can watch new Tiny Desk Concerts on ONE WEEK before they go up on YouTube? Click here: 🤍 Follow NPR Music: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Aug. 6, 2018 | Bobby Carter There was a shift in Mac Miller's boisterous demeanor as he started the third of his three-song Tiny Desk set. It's the first time he's performed tracks from his new album, Swimming, in front of an audience. On "2009," he rubbed his chin with clinched eyes, looking like a young man who's beginning to crack the code. Backed by a piano loop and a string quartet, he reflected on his journey's peaks and valleys thus far. I ain't asking why no more I know I'll take it if it's mine I don't stay inside the lines It ain't 2009 no more Yeah, I know what's behind that door With nearly a decade under his belt at 26 years old, these words ring like an artist twice his age. We were introduced to Mac Miller via 2011's XXL Freshman Class, which featured a special crop of MCs such as Kendrick Lamar, Meek Mill and YG, all of whom are now considered in the upper echelon of hip-hop. After his big splash, he's been able to find a groove and consistently release quality rap records, ultimately keeping his name in the conversation with the other young greats. His 2011 album, Blue Slide Park, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200, the first independently distributed debut album to do so since 1995's Dogg Food by Tha Dogg Pound. These consecutive triumphs amassed plenty of fame, fortune and insurmountable obstacles, causing a stumble here and there. Throughout the years, however, Mac has brushed himself off and put it in the music. For this performance, Mac Miller invited frequent collaborator Thundercat, who graced the Tiny Desk last year and will join Mac on tour this fall. Thundercat put on a dazzling shaker routine and played the deep centerpiece bass line on "What's The Use?" These Swimming iterations don't veer far away from the recorded versions, but here, his lyrics seem easier to interpret under live instrumentation. Set List "Small Worlds" "What's the Use? (Feat. Thundercat)" "2009" Musicians Mac Miller (Vocals), Thundercat (Bass), Justus West (Guitar), Klynik (Keys), Joe Cleveland (Bass), Kendall Lewis (Drums), Robin Fay-Massie (Violin), YaShauna Swan (2nd Violin), Lelia Walker (Viola), Melanie Hsu (Cello) Credits Producers: Bobby Carter, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Beck Harlan, Khun Minn Ohn; Production Assistants: Catherine Zhang, Téa Mottolese; Photo: Eslah Attar/NPR.

Israel Adesanya on UFC 276: “I had an off night tonight and I still f*****d him up”


Israel Adesanya talks about his UFC 276 fight with Jared Cannonier. VISIT: 🤍 FOLLOW: 🤍 FOLLOW: 🤍 LIKE: 🤍



Follow me on Letterboxd! 🤍 *Please support this page through my Patreon page! 🤍 "MAC" chronicles the life and times of Malcolm McCormick, known to most as ‘Mac Miller.’ His career began while he was still in high school, and it was not long before Mac was impressing fellow musicians and his ever-growing fan base. Before his tragic death in 2018, Mac was quickly becoming one of the most notable and beloved contemporary artists. In the short time he was with us, Mac influenced and inspired the masses.

M2 Pro iMac & Mac mini @ Apple’s October Event?


WWDC 2022, Cupertino - Apple announces the M2, the next generation of Apple Silicon just as with M1 in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13” and… Wait, what happened to the Mac mini? Perhaps this is Apple’s plan… So what gives? What happened to the desktop at WWDC? We’ll for a while we’ve been hearing about a redesign coming to the Mac mini, giving a slightly lower profile, especially given the huge amounts of white space sitting empty inside the current Mac mini - And when you consider that the M1 also powers the very slim iPads Pro and Air these days, admittedly without active cooling, it’s very clear that the Mac mini, while certainly mini compared to similarly performant PCs, its way chunkier than it needs to be. There’s a very good, and very outdated reason. When first announced, the Mac mini was much taller than it is today but with a smaller footprint, and that footprint was basically defined by the size of a CD Rom or DVD, and the fact the G4 chips inside were not exactly cool running. These gave way to an intel version in the same enclosure, before the current familiar look arrived in 2010 with a design that better matched the rest of Apple’s range at the time. Still had that big old CD drive in the front though, mechanical hard drives and standard size laptop SODIMM ram, all of which takes up way more space than the current integrated Apple Silicon equivalents. They also used way more power, and hilariously the 15W M1 Mac mini still houses a 150W power supply. Seems wasteful. The designs we’ve seen for the Apple Silicon rebirth of the mini shows the same power supply connection as the 24” iMac with M1 we’ve seen too, which is more revealing than you may think. The M1 range is bafflingly missing anything desktop based with that M2 Pro chip inside, the only way you can get one is in Apple’s MacBook Pro in 14 and 16” sizes, starting around $2000 if you’re happy with a binned version with a couple of disabled CPU cores and fewer GPU cores too. But why not offer the M2 in the Mac mini, and also the iMac, for people who aren’t quite in the market for a Mac Studio? We’ll talk about possible pricing in a moment, but first, who would these devices be for? M1 and now M2 are really designed for simple day to day computing, while the M2 Pro will basically double the graphics performance and add a decent chunk of multicore performance, as well as what will presumably be upgraded media engines for video work. The M1 Pro models also start with double the storage of the M1 at 512GB, and double the unified memory too, as well as of course having the extra connectivity on those MacBook Pros, but the Mac mini wasn’t lacking then in the first place, and the iMac has already had it’s redesign… and they didn’t bother putting fun ports on there. Just USB-C and Thunderbolt. So the lineup I’d expect in October would be the Mac mini with its redesign and M2 plus M2 Pro options, iMac with its existing design with M2 and M2 Pro options (maybe a dark bezel for the M2 Pro option?) and MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips inside, with Apple’s Mac Studio getting Mac and Ultra options in Spring next year. Randomness r #icavenaswers will we ever get a midnight blue or green macbook? I would a dark green that looks black/dark under different lighting just like the new midnight (dark blue/black) that’s coming on the MacBook Air Randomness r #icaveamswers when will we be able to transfer data and files between iOS devices over Thunderbolt 4 yesterday I had to put a 4K movie on my external hard drive and then connect it to my wife’s laptop and then copy it even over AirPlay it was taking 5-7 mins if we could do Thunderbolt from laptop to laptop it would take merely seconds Marcin Kowalczyk 🤍icavedave #icaveanswers #nostalgiaanswers I wonder what is the oldest Apple device You could AirDrop to from any currently supported device ? Randomness r #icaveanswers you mentioned that the 14 pro max screen size is going to a 6.9inches in one your videos responding to my question however lot of YouTubers still saying it’ll stay 6.7inches 😢 can you confirm thanks Randomness r #icaveanswers any screen estimate for the rugged flat edged Apple Watch series 8? I’m hoping for a 48-50mm that would be awesome as it’s meant for athletes they can make the Watch a bit bigger and chunkier for a all day battery life that’s the dream Watch I would get Randomness r #icaveanswers do you think they will release another green iPhone 14 pro max at launch or in the spring just like they did yesterday literally the colour is one of the reasons I upgrade currently I’m rocking the midnight green 11 pro max cheers Join the conversation 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

O rățușcă stă pe lac - Cântece pentru copii | Cântece TraLaLa


„O rățușcă stă pe lac”, un cântec animat pentru copii creat de TraLaLa. Copii cântă și dansează cu rățușca pe ritmurile TraLaLa. Cântecele noi vor apărea în fiecare săptămână, așa că nu uita să te abonezi la canalul TraLaLa! Mai jos găsiți și versurile. Interpretare: Meloritm 🔴 Alte canale educative pentru copii recomandate de TraLaLa: ▶️ Cântece BabyBus Ro: 🤍 🎶 Cântece BoonBoon: 🤍 ▶️ Cântece Puf Puf: 🤍 🎶 Desene animate BabyRikiRO: 🤍 ▶️ Fixiki - desene animate: 🤍 🎶 AlaBala - desene animate : 🤍 ▶️ Rosie si prietenii ei: 🤍 Versuri O rățușcă stă pe lac Era un rățoi posac, toată ziua sta pe lac Și trecând striga așa Mac mac mac mac Era singur singurel, nici o rață după el Apa nu învolbura Mac mac mac mac Și rățoiul căuta, căuta dar nu găsea Pe cea care o visa Mac mac mac mac Și oricând trecând pe aici, lumea îl auzea plângând Și mereu strigând așa Mac mac mac mac Asta nu e viață Singur tot mereu N-am și eu o rață Sa-mi fie soață, soț să-i fiu eu Balta toată-l cunoștea, și cu el compătimea Însa fără de folos Mac mac mac mac Peștii se sacrificau, și cu pește îl hrăneau Ca să fie sănatos Mac mac mac mac Iar eretele hai hui, a zburat de mila lui Într-un codru îndepărtat Mac mac mac mac Doar rățoiul cel posac Singur a ramas pe lac, și plângea neîncetat Mac Mac mac mac Asta nu e viață Singur tot mereu N-am și eu o rață Sa-mi fie soață, soț să-i fiu eu Însă într-o bună zi, chiar pe lac în zbor veni O rățușcă dintr-un stol Mac mac mac mac Iar pe lac i-a plăcut nespus Chiar dacă privind de sus Îi păruse o clipă gol Mac mac mac mac Iar o clipă mai apoi Apăru clar un rățoi, care în urmă măcănea Mac mac mac mac Și în drumul lui spre ea, Mândru apa bălăcea Și venea cântând așa Mac mac mac mac Asta da e viață Vesel sunt mereu Mi-am gasit o rață Sa-mi fie soață, soț să-i fiu eu Asta da e viață Vesel sunt mereu Mi-am gasit o rață Sa-mi fie soață, soț să-i fiu eu 🎶 Cântece educative pentru copii mici de grădiniță. 👉 Învățăm cifrele cu cele 6 acadele 🍭 🤍 👉 Îmi plac legumele 🥦 🤍 👉 1, 2, 3 dansează cu gogoșile! 🍩 🤍 👉Învață culorile și formele geometrice 🍰 🤍 👉 Suc de fructe pentru toți copiii 🥤 Învățăm fructele: 🤍 Vizionează și cântecele pentru copii TraLaLa în limba română, apăsând link-urile de mai jos: 🎵 Cântece TraLaLa 🤍 🍁 Cântece de toamnă TraLaLa 🤍 😴 Cântece de leagăn TraLaLa 🤍 ❄️ Cântece de iarnă pentru copii TraLaLa 🤍 🌼 Cântece de primăvară pentru copii TraLaLa 🤍 Vrei să înveți engleza mai ușor? Găsești cele mai populare cântecele pentru copii în limba engleză aici: 🤍 Suntem întotdeauna bucuroși să primim mesajele voastre! Ne puteți lăsa comentarii pe Facebook sau aici, pe YouTube! 🤗❤️ #TraLaLa #suntTraLaLa #cantececopii

Mac Miller - Self Care


Directed by Christian Weber SWIMMING is available now: 🤍 🤍 🤍

Mac Studio Review: Double Trouble!


This M1 Ultra machine is incredible, but I'm not switching YET M1 Max MacBook Pro review: 🤍 BluDot Desk: 🤍 Scott Simmons: 🤍 MKBHD Merch: 🤍 Review spec: M1 Ultra, 128GB, 2TB, 64-core 0:00 Intro 1:52 The Design/Ports 4:00 Modular? 6:00 Benchmarks 8:06 Real World Performance 11:45 Incredible Packaging 12:35 You Probably Don't Need One Tech I'm using right now: 🤍 Intro Track: Jordyn Edmonds 🤍 Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: 🤍 Computer provided by Apple for review. ~ 🤍 🤍 🤍

10 Ways Mac OS is just BETTER


Get an unrestricted 30-day free trial of FreshBooks at 🤍 Save 10% and Free Worldwide Shipping at Ridge Wallets by using offer code LTTAUGUST at 🤍 Some people think we hate Apple, but honestly, of what they do and what they can do, they do it amazingly well. Take a look at the feedback we collected! Comment below if you think of any other features that make Apple Macs stand out.. Buy Apple MacBook On Amazon: 🤍 On Newegg: 🤍 Discuss on the forum: 🤍 Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: 🤍 Get Private Internet Access today at 🤍 Displate metal posters: 🤍 Linus Tech Tips merchandise at 🤍 Linus Tech Tips posters at 🤍 Our Test Benches on Amazon: 🤍 Our production gear: 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High 🤍

Reacting to Met Gala 2022 Fashion


It's Met Gala tiiiiimeeeeee Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 Check out my new pod- Messy W/ Mac & Mike 🤍 Check out my other vids: REACTING TO ANTI-GAY COMMERCIALS BECAUSE I'M GAY: 🤍 trying on weird costumes so you don't have to: 🤍 VIEWERS PICK MY OUTFITS Because I'm Lonely: 🤍 I follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial with only audio 🤍 I found a cure for gayness. 🤍 This is my reaction to the 2022 red carpet fashion from the met gala. I missed some people so I'll try to catch them in some shorts soon. Follow My Social-ness TWITTER: 🤍 MacDoesIt INSTAGRAM: 🤍 MacDoesIt TIKTOK: 🤍 MacDoesIt Similar to: Cody Ko, Courtreezy I'm a satirical comedic vlogger who creates content that is a cross between “Intelligently funny” and “an organized hot mess.” I do pop culture reviews, challenges, storytimes, etc. such as "A Salty Response from Pluto", "Why JuJu on That Beat is Evil", "I bought the rainbow art sponge we saw on TV in our childhood" AND MORE! met gala 2022 fashion

M2 MacBook Pro: Why Does This Exist?


M2 MacBook Pro is the MOST confusing existence...unless you're an enterprise custom who simply doesn't care Bar chart with Apple silicon performance: 🤍 MKBHD Merch: 🤍 Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: 🤍 ~ 🤍 🤍 🤍

寫給 Windows 老鳥的 Mac 新手教戰手冊 ⚔️


► 內容綱要 (影片有提供 CC 中文字幕喔) 00:00 開場白 00:15 軟體安裝與移除 01:55 滑鼠右鍵設定 03:20 糸統偏好設定 03:52 Mac 鍵盤快速鍵 04:49 Mac 視窗操作 06:49 視窗並排 07:31 切換軟體 / 指揮中心 08:08 檔案管理 10:33 標籤設定 11:24 螢幕擷圖與錄影 11:45 Spotlight 智慧搜尋 ► 加入 YouTube 頻道會員(每月有不定期的會員專屬教學短片喔!) 🤍 ► 小額贊助 Papaya 電腦教室 ☕ Buy me a Coffee (Paypal): 🤍 ► 影片中用到的多媒體素材來源 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ► Papaya 剪輯影片所使用的軟體 Adobe After Effects 🤍 Camtasia Studio 🤍 Keynote 🤍 ► Papaya 電腦教室的 B 站網址 🤍 #Papaya電腦教室 #Mac

YOU (probably) DON’T NEED IT! Mac Studio vs M1 Mac Mini


Should you buy the M1 Mac Mini or the Mac Studio? Can the Mac Mini do everything that you need? The truth is, that It’s pretty unlikely that you need more than the M1 Mac Mini - not impossible - but unlikely. If you absolutely need the additional RAM, storage or processing power - then it’s a no-brainer - get the Mac Studio. But I want to talk about some reasons why you may WANT the Mac Studio - even if you don’t NEED it. ⭐️ Buy the M1 Mac Mini: 🤍 (affiliate) ⭐️ Buy the Mac Studio: 🤍 (affiliate) ⭐️ Buy the Mac Mini USB-C Hub: 🤍 (affiliate) ⭐️ Buy the Mac Mini USB-C Hub with SSD Enclosure: 🤍 (affiliate) ☕ BUY ME A COFFEE?! 🤍 🎵 LIKE THE MUSIC I USE? GET 2 FREE MONTHS!!! 🤍 📈 HOW DO I OPTIMIZE MY CHANNEL AND VIDEOS? 🤍 BECOME A TECH GEAR TALK SQUAD MEMBER! 🤍 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL FOR FREE: By shopping at B&H: 🤍 (affiliate) FOLLOW ME: TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 🤍 (thank you for the support!!!) DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links which means I receive a small commission on a purchase without additional cost to you, if you buy something through my links. Thank you for supporting the channel!



 Band/Artist : Elmar , Bii MG , Rhe M.A.C , Bello , Mor M.A.C , Pet M.A.C , Riicko , Jordy  Judul/Title : Japrax  Arranger : Howie’kawer  Mixing & Mastering : Morde Sawaki  Tahun Produksi : 2022  Direct : Extrada  Drone Pilot : James Rumpaidus For businnes : CP : 082197202161 ( Rusdy Matlawa ) JANGAN LUPA LIKE COMENT SHARE DAN SUBSCRIBE 🔔 TERIMAKASIH 🤗 #japrax#mafiagang #mac #musicanakcoment #biimg #laguraptimur#timutsonghits#timursong#hitstimur#musicindonesiartimur#musicanakcoment#mordesawaki#hiphoptimur

macOS Ventura hands-on first look! PLUS what Apple DIDN'T show you!


Thanks to Renderforest for sponsoring, check them out and save 20% off a yearly subscription: 🤍 With WWDC 2022 wrapping up, let's take a look at the all new macOS Ventura. In this in-depth hands on review, I'll show you all the major features Apple talked about in Ventura, including how to use Stage Manager, how to use camera continuity, new system settings pane, and some features that Apple didn't tell you about, like the new Clock app, new Weather App for Mac, and more! Follow this step by step how to use macOS Ventura, and let's get started! time stamps: 0:00 Intro 1:38 Supported Macs 2:47 Stage Manager 7:15 Continuity Camera 8:22 Spotlight Search 9:18 Copy photo subjects 10:15 New System Settings 11:01 New Clock app 11:46 New Weather app 12:10 Live Captions 12:48 Final thoughts Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Twitch: 🤍 Join my Subreddit! 🤍 Gear: iFixit Pro Toolkit: 🤍 Panasonic Lumix GH5: 🤍 Leica 12-60MM Lens: 🤍 Sennheiser MKH 416: 🤍 Zoom H6: 🤍 Sennheiser MKE 440: 🤍 Edelkrone SliderOne V2: 🤍 *Amazon Links are affiliate codes and generate small commission to support the channel* #wwdc2022 #rf622

NO other PC can match it for $4,000? - M1 Ultra Mac Studio review


🌏Get Exclusive NordSecurity deals here ➼ 🤍 All products are risk-free with Nord's 30-day money-back guarantee!✌ Get 10% off all Jackery products with code LinusTechTips at 🤍 Apple claims the Mac Studio with M1 Ultra is the most powerful computer you can buy for $4,000. Does that put AMD, Intel, and Nvidia on notice – Or is Apple making claims they can’t back up? Discuss on the forum: 🤍 Buy an Apple Mac Studio M1 Max: 🤍 Buy an Apple Mac Studio M1 Ultra: 🤍 Buy an Apple Studio Display: 🤍 Buy an Apple Magic Keyboard: 🤍 Buy an Apple Magic Mouse: 🤍 Buy an Apple MacBook Pro 14” M1 Pro: 🤍 Buy an Intel Core i9-12900K: 🤍 Buy a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090: 🤍 Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. ► GET MERCH: 🤍 ► SUPPORT US ON FLOATPLANE: 🤍 ► AFFILIATES, SPONSORS & REFERRALS: 🤍 ► PODCAST GEAR: 🤍 FOLLOW US - Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 MUSIC CREDIT - Intro: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High Video Link: 🤍 Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa 🤍 Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 🤍 Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 🤍 CHAPTERS - 0:00 Intro 0:55 Meet the test suite 1:14 Gaming benchmarks and testing issues 3:24 World of Warcraft - For real this time 5:12 Productivity benchmarks - Synthetics 6:16 Productivity benchmarks - Real-world 9:28 A note on storage speed + PugetBench 10:42 Thermals 12:21 Power & Efficiency 14:05 The Mac Studio's design... And the SSD 15:47 M1 Ultra - Apple needs to stop overpromising 17:00 Mac Studio - Priced all wrong 18:13 Conclusion

Stop Motion ASMR - Koi Fish Hunting Pink Catfish | Colorful Koi Fish | Primitive Cooking Experiment


Stop Motion ASMR - Koi Fish Hunting Pink Catfish | Colorful Koi Fish | Primitive Cooking Experiment 👉 Warning: This product is not real, do not eat Thanks for watching! If you find the video good, please like and share because it's completely free. Video linked video: ► See more: Funny Stop Motion Cooking: 🤍 V = 3ybGA... Hello guys, welcome to our Funny Stop Motion Cooking channel. The Stop Motion form was born quite early, known as the cinematic equivalent of the touch system method. The essence of this type is that the continuous image is then processed on a dedicated table for editing. And if you are interested in our videos, please like and comment or consider to subscribe to our channel. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Hope you had a great time watching this video! Find me at: - Facebook: 🤍 - Gmail: donganhnhonhan🤍 All videos on this channel are copyrighted Thank you! AND SIGN UP FOR VERY LESS VIDEO INFORMATION! - - KITCHEN BELOW: Producer - Van Nguyen Written by - Hoa Vu Animation - Nam Nguyen Post-production - Thanh Hang

Rainbow Formation Fish | Stop Motion ASMR Experiment | Colorful Koi Fish Carp Underground Cooking


#asmr, #stopmotioncooking, #experiment, #primitivecooking, #fishing, #unbelievablefishing, #fish #colorful #rainbow #primitivekitchen ★ The main content in today's video: Variant fish form colorful fry. The maturity of little known fish, interesting and funny race. In addition, experimenting with goldfish, pink catfish roe, catfish pink eggs, octopus and marine species... makes this video more interesting. Thank you for watching! ★★★★★ ▽ Subscribe Here: 🤍 👉 Warning: This is not real, do not eat! ★★★★★ ▽ Watch More Playlist: ➞ Cocina Primitiva Official: 🤍 ➞ Cocina ASMR: 🤍 ★★★★★ ★ Video million views: 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 ... ★ Best latest videos: 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 📎 🤍 ▽ Thank for watching! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe!

LIVE BIRTH | The Mac’s Chicks Hatching |


We picked up a dozen eggs from 🤍The Mac’s when we were on Vacation in MIssissippi and they are finally starting to hatch. Can this baby get out by itself? Thanks for watching and God Bless!! 🐂 Wagbar - 🤍 Use Coupon Code “WALKER10” For 10% Off Our 2nd Channel - Catching Up With The Walkers - 🤍 👕We have MERCH: Order on our website - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 🛒Shop with us: Using any of the affiliate links may pay Walker Farm Fam a small commission and we greatly appreciate it. All proceeds go to supporting the channel and the videos we create. ⚡️Premier1 🤍 👨🏻‍🌾Redmond Salt use code “WFF15” for 15% off: 🤍 🐓Run Chicken Coop Door - 🤍 🛠Amazon Store - 🤍 🌽Hoss Tools - 🤍 Use Promo Code “WFF21” for a FREE pack of Green Griller Squash when you spend $25 🥾Kujo Yardwear - 🤍 Use Promo Code “Walker10” to score yourself 10% OFF 🔦Olight - 🤍 Promo Code “WFF10” to save 10% OFF 📬Send us fan mail: Walker Farm Fam P.O. Box 1586 Locust Grove, OK 74352 For business inquiries, email karla🤍

Comida de Bebê | Histórias em Português para Crianças | Bebê Steve and Maggie Brasil


COMIDA DE BEBÊ É APETITOSA! Amplie o vocabulário com esse vídeo de Português para Crianças! Steve e Maggie estão arrumando a casa hoje, mas eles encontraram um monte de coisas legais. Nessa brincadeira Steve apresenta verbos como brincar, tocar, cheirar e provar. As crianças podem provar diversos tipos diferentes de comida com Steve dizendo "Ei, eu estou com fome, o que posso comer? " Vamos mergulhar nesse vídeo com Steve and Maggie Brasil. SE DIVIRTAM e aprendam a lingua Portuguesa! VISIT: 🤍 . INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 . SHOP: SpreadShirt: 🤍 Teespring: 🤍 . APPS FOR KIDS: 🤍 . ENGLISH TEACHING MATERIALS for kids: 🤍 . SHOUTOUTS and personalised messages via: 🤍 . SONGS FOR KIDS: iTunes: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 . Support us and receive a personalised birthday message for your child from Steve. Patreon: 🤍 Produced by © Wattsenglish Ltd. © 🤍

8GB vs 16GB vs 24GB for M2 Mac — The TRUTH about RAM!


🔥 🤍 NO ADS + Bonus Videos! Get CuriosityStream + Nebula bundle for less than $15 a YEAR! Should you get 8GB, 16GB, or the brand new option, 24GB of RAM, for the M2 MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or presumptive M2 Mac mini? Here’s the truth! 🚀 More on M2: 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE 🤍 🙏 PATREON THANK YOU! Get access to exclusive Discord, previews, even your name in this description or credits! 🤍 James Hillhouse, Rick Vink, John Malkin, Ryan Parman, Paco Arango, Chad Potts, Shashank, Richard Urbano, Rod Gray, Daniel Pasco, Mark Lussier, Martin Perry, Christopher Wiggins, Dude, Jon Wheeler, Josef, Frederick Lakes Jr., Aziz Rahman, Sven Jasper 🔗 LINKS 🗂 CHAPTERS 🚨 ETHICS & DISCLAIMER This channel does not produce sponsored or paid reviews. Companies occasionally loan sample products to facilitate reviews but provide no payment and get no editorial input, content approval, or advanced previews. They see them for the first time when you do. Links may contain referrals for affiliate programs that provide this channel with a tiny commission should you make a purchase. They likewise receive zero editorial input or consideration. 🍎 Some video and images courtesy of Apple Inc. 📷 Some video and imagery supplied by Getty Images and/or AP Archives 🎸 Some music supplied by Epidemic MORE ⭐️ Nebula: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🌎 Web: 🤍 🍎 Podcasts: 🤍 🌥 Overcast: 🤍 👖 Pocket Cast: 🤍 Thanks for watching, see you next video!

macja le te lahet kenge (Kenge per femije) │ Bleta ™


macja le te lahet kenge. education, kenge per femije,kids song, cat song

M2 MacBook Air 其實不划算,選這兩台會更超值!完整看懂 MacBook 選購指南!


#m2 #macbookair #MacBook怎麼選 蘋果終於在今年的 WWDC 幫他們的 M 系列晶片更新,推出了全新的 M2 處理器。而這款處理器,則是被用在全新設計的 MacBook Air 還有舊造型的 13” MacBook Pro 這兩台電腦上面。 這就讓蘋果整個 MacBook 產品變得超混亂,光是 MacBook Pro 就有三種晶片、三種造型可以選擇,MacBook Air 也同時有M1 跟 M2 兩個不同款式在賣。應該也讓很多使用者覺得很困惑,到底該怎麼去挑選一台適合自己的筆電。所以今天呢,我們就來帶大家看看到底該怎麼選擇吧! 【影片章節】 0:00 Apple 正式推出 M2 晶片 0:46 🙈👻 5 年計劃只要 60 鎂,立刻在網路上隱身,加入 Ivacy VPN👻🙈 🤍 1:36 Apple 晶片等級定位 2:38 怎麼挑選 M2 MacBook Air 與 M1 MacBook Air ? 4:00 M2 MacBook Pro 比 M2 MacBook Air 更超值? 7:27 想買一台 MacBook 用很久,該選哪一台? 8:57 總結 訂閱我們的 Podcast 節目,每週一固定更新:🤍 贊助我們一杯咖啡,讓我們持續為您提供更優質的內容: 🤍 🔥🔥 快追蹤 APPLEFANS蘋果迷: 📍APPLEFANS 官網:🤍 📍Facebook:🤍 📍FB 社團:🤍 📍Instagram:🤍 📍LINE 社群:🤍



Some of the shortcuts and knowledge needed to be a pro on Mac OS! Try 5 pairs of glasses at home for free at 🤍 Home Try-Ons are only offered in the US. I use Notion to organize my videos! (I took a lot of screenshots of it in this video if you're curious what it is) Here's my affiliate link - 🤍 Universal Control on mac 12.3 (currently out on Public beta - out of Beta soon) - 🤍 📱 Follow Me 🤍 🤍 Podcast YouTube channel - 🤍 Gaming YouTube channel - 🤍 🎥 Camera Gear Affiliate links 👇 - Office set - (2) Sony FX6 - 🤍 A Cam lens - 🤍 / 🤍 B Cam lens - 🤍 / 🤍 Overhead Cam - 🤍 Overhead Cam Lens - 🤍 Main Key light to my right - 🤍 / 🤍 Second Key light to my left - 🤍 / 🤍 Light diffusers on above lights - 🤍 / 🤍 Hair light - 🤍 / 🤍 My fave portable RGB mini lights - 🤍 - At home set - (2) Sony FX3 - 🤍 A Cam lens - 🤍 / 🤍 B Cam lens - 🤍 / 🤍 Same lighting setup as office except my hair light is RGB - 🤍 My fave standing desks (Fully) - 🤍 🍑 Products 🍑 Stay Peachy tech merch (Peach Fuzz airpod cases, Apple watch straps) - 🤍 How to Make Videos for YouTube (w/ 3 of my YouTube friends) - 🤍 💼 Business inquires for sponsorships Email my manager adam🤍 cc me at dietschybusiness🤍

Fino a 4 MONITOR su Mac M1/M2 con Sonnet


Si compra su MacShop → 🤍 -20€ con questi due codici sconto ad uso singolo MACSHOP.COM-M0GM-9H6W-IQW MACSHOP.COM-KN1J-0A1T-JHG6 📄 ARTICOLO → 🤍 📸 Mio INSTAGRAM → 🤍 💶 Mio canale SAGGEOFFERTE → 🤍 ❤️ Per i Saggi Utenti → 🤍 🎥 Cosa uso per i miei video → 🤍 MacBook Air M1 → 🤍 MacBook Air M2 → 🤍 MacBook Pro M1 → 🤍 MacBook Pro M2 → 🤍 Mac mini M1 → 🤍 iMac M1 → 🤍 MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro base → 🤍 MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro → 🤍 MacBook Pro 16" M1 Pro → 🤍 MacBook Pro 16" M1 Max → 🤍 Mac Studio M1 Max → 🤍 Mac Studio M1 Ultra → 🤍 Alcuni link in descrizione possono far parte di programmi di affiliazione. Acquistando da lì supporterete il lavoro del canale senza pagare nulla di più Grazie 🙏 0:00 Problema M1/M2 1:08 Sonnet Dual HDMI 2:07 Configurazione 3:37 Monitor su Windows 5:21 Monitor su macOS 6:00 Retina / HiDPI 10:08 Conclusioni #applesilicon #monitor #m1 #m2 #sonnet #sonnettech #mac

Opening a CUPCAKE BAKERY in Minecraft


We are opening a cupcake bakery in Minecraft! We plan to make this a Minecraft build challenge where we have to decorate a bakery from the inside, plant the necessary ingredients to make all the flavor cupcakes we want then open our bakery to the public! We decided to name of bakery M & D's Bakery. which stands for mancheesep1z and drew's bakery. Drew aka jeezumcrowe is helping me make our bakery dreams come true! Should we open a pizzeria next? Snag our NEW MERCH HERE 👕Get your official MacNcheeseP1z merch👕 🤍 Check out my Gaming Shorts channel! 🤍 Check out my Vlog channel ✨ Content coming soon ✨ 🤍 Check out my Roblox Channel ✨ Content coming soon ✨ 🤍 💜 🥰💜Become a member of our Patreon!💜 🥰💜 🤍 💌📬💌 P.O BOX📬💌📬 MacNcheeseP1z 6947 Coal Creek Pkwy SE # 471 Newcastle, WA, 98059 🎮👾🎮 MacNcheeseP1z Computer Setup👾🎮👾 Stream Deck: 🤍 Monitors: 🤍 Monitor Mount: 🤍 GoXLR: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Mic Mount: 🤍 Ring Light: 🤍 Desk Mount: 🤍 Mouse: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 Mouse pad: 🤍 🌼🌼🌼🌼LINKS🌼🌼🌼🌼 💜Twitch: 🤍 💙Twitter: 🤍 💛 Instagram: 🤍 🧡 TikTok: 🤍 💚 Discord: 🤍 JeezumCrowe's Social Media 💙Twitter: 🤍 💜Twitch: 🤍 💛 Instagram: 🤍 🎥🎥🎥Edited by 🎥🎥🎥 💛 Emily: 🤍 🎨🎨🎨Thumbnail🎨🎨🎨 🤍 #Macncheesep1z #Aphmau #Minecraft

Curso Mac Apple - Fundo Dinâmico - Keynote


| 🤍 | Como adicionar comentários em arquivos e pastas no Finder. Cursos, Aulas, Treinamento e Suporte em Mac, iPod, iPad, iPhone e toda linha Apple. Aqui você encontra: #numbers #appnumbers #tabeladinamica #pivottables doctorapple, doctor apple, drapple, doutorapple, computador apple, curso apple, curso mac, curso iphone, curso macbook, curso imac, curso basico apple, curso basico mac, curso basico iphone, curso basico macbook, curso basico imac, curso iniciante apple, curso iniciante mac, curso iniciante iphone, curso iniciante macbook, curso iniciante imac, curso completo apple, curso completo mac, curso completo iphone, curso completo macbook, curso completo imac, aula apple, aula mac, aula iphone, aula macbbok, aula imac, aula básica apple, aula básica mac, aula básica iphone, aula básica macbook, aula básica imac, aula iniciante apple, aula iniciante mac, aula iniciante iphone, aula iniciante macbook, aula iniciante imac, começando no apple, começando no mac, começando no iphone, começando no macbook, começando no imac, aprender apple, aprender mac, aprender iphone, aprender macbook, aprender imac, primeiros passos no apple, primeiros passos no mac, primeiros passos no iphone, primeiros passos no macbook, primeiros passos no imac, introdução apple, introdução mac, introdução iphone, introdução macbook, introdução imac, suporte técnico apple, suporte técnico mac, suporte técnico iphone, suporte técnico macbook, suporte técnico imac, ajuda apple, ajuda mac, ajuda iphone, ajuda macbook, ajuda imac, tutorial apple, tutorial mac, tutorial iphone, tutorial macbook, tutorial imac, treinamento apple, treinamento mac, treinamento iphone, treinamento macbook, treinamento imac, ajuda apple, ajuda mac, ajuda iphone, ajuda macbook, ajuda imac, keynote apple, app keynote,app keynote apple, fundo dinamico keynote, powerpoint da apple, power point da apple, curso keynote apple, curso app keynote apple, curso app keynote

แกะกล่อง MAC Studio คนสุดท้ายของโลก และ M1 Max ของเขา 69900 บาท ที่ไม่มีสาย HDMI ให้ฉัน!!


แกะกล่อง MAC Studio คนสุดท้ายของโลก และ M1 Max ของเขา 69900 บาท ที่ไม่มีสาย HDMI ให้ฉัน!! ช่องใหม่ ที่นี่เลยจ้า 🤍 ติดตามพวกเราต่อได้ที่ 🤍 🤍🤍 🤍 โทร 095-9642699 ติดต่อซื้อมือถือ หรือ ติดต่อสินค้ารีวิว

Mac Miller - Good News


Circles is available now: 🤍 Directed by Anthony Gaddis & Eric Tilford Produced by Video by Justin Boyd

Unboxing NUEVO Mac Studio y Display Studio!!


Abro el nuevo Mac Studio con M1 Max y 64GB de memoria unificada y la pantalla Display Studio de Apple. La review del Mac Studio muy pronto. - little STALKER- Instagram 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Apple Podcast: 🤍 Google Music: 🤍 Links de interés: - Música que uso para mis vídeos en: 🤍 - Cámara principal: 🤍 - Micrófono: 🤍 - Monitor para editar: 🤍

Mac - Fónico 2016 | NECESITO DE TI


Concierto en vivo desde el anfiteatro del Parque de la Exposición Lima - Perú. 🔹LETRA, MÚSICA, ARREGLOS Y DIRECCIÓN GENERAL: Mac Salvador 🔹Contactos: 940292909 🔹Facebook: 🤍 ⚠️ IMPORTANTE: El contenido visual de este video tiene derechos de autor y es exclusivo de "MAC SALVADOR". Cualquier subida y plagio conllevaran a una denuncia por Copyright.

NEW Mac Studio + Studio Display is UNBELIEVABLE! 🤯


Testing out the brand new Mac Studio and Studio display! M1 iPad Air Review: 🤍 iPhone SE 2022 Review: 🤍 ► SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🤍 🎶 MUSIC I USE - 🤍 BE MY FRIEND: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Snapchat: iJustine ► WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS: 🤍 📷 GEAR: Sony a7 III: 🤍 Sony a7S II: 🤍 FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM Lens: 🤍 Rx100 V: 🤍 GoPro Hero 7: 🤍 Insta 360 One X: 🤍 Rx0: 🤍 Memory Card: 🤍 BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER: 🤍 ❤️➡️ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! 🤍 🎶 MUSIC I USE - 🤍 ✅FRIEND ME HERE: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🐷 MY NEW PROJECT: 🤍 ——— 🎥 WHAT I USE TO MAKE VIDEOS 📷 CAMERAS: Sony a7s III - 🤍 Sony a1 - 🤍 Sony a7 IV - 🤍 Insta 360 ONE X2 - 🤍 Insta 360 ONE RS - 🤍 Insta 360 GO2 - 🤍 LENSES: Sony GM 24-70mm - 🤍 Sony GM 16-35mm - 🤍 Sony GM 50mm - 🤍 Sony GM 135mm - 🤍 Sony GM 85mm - 🤍 MICROPHONES: Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless - 🤍 Sony XLR Adapter - 🤍 Sony Hot Shoe Shotgun - 🤍 Tiny Sony Microphone - 🤍 DRONES: DJI Mavic 3 - 🤍 DJI Mini 2 - 🤍 DJI Air 2S - 🤍 LIGHTING: Aputure 600d Pro - 🤍 Aputure Light Dome II - 🤍 Aputure Amaran 200d - 🤍 Aputure 35in Light Dome - 🤍 Aputure Lantern Softbox - 🤍 Sony CF Express A 160g + Card Reader- 🤍 Sony CF Express A 800g - 🤍 ——— These links are affiliate and by using them you’re helping out my channel! Thank you! ——— BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER: 🤍

M A C - Keliling Cina Buta ( Official Music Video )


 Band/Artist : Elmar , Arsaly , Mor M.A.C , Bello , Hernem , Riona  Judul/Title : Keliling Cina Buta  Arranger : Morde Sawaki  Mixing & Mastering : Morde Sawaki  Tahun Produksi : 2022  Direct : Extrada & Rusdy Matlawa  Pilot Drone : James Rumpaidus For businnes : CP : 082197202161 ( Rusdy Matlawa ) JANGAN LUPA LIKE COMENT SHARE DAN SUBSCRIBE 🔔 TERIMAKASIH 🤗 #kelilingcinabuta#mac #musicanakcoment #laguraptimur#timutsonghits#timursong#hitstimur#musicindonesiartimur#musicanakcoment#mordesawaki#hiphoptimur

David Guetta était choqué. Nous aussi. Découvrez notre incroyable aventure à Ibiza.


David Guetta a tenu parole et nous a laissé faire sa première partie à Ibiza. Encore un gage qui est allé beaucoup trop loin. On a eu caca cucul, mais a-t-on réussi ce défi ? Voici le grand récit de cette aventure. -10% pendant 48h chez RhinoShield avec le code IBIZA : 🤍 L'intégralité de notre set sur notre chaine musicale : 🤍 “I wanna dance Latina” sur les plateformes ici : 🤍 Retrouvez Mosimann à l’Olympia le 5 novembre , les billets ici : 🤍 L’équipe, vraiment vous avez été gucci sur cette vidéo : OPV - Ugo TSVETOUKHINE - Thibault ARBRE - Florent SABATIER - Bastien FRANCOIS - Ulises PETINTO Chef OPS - Martin BONAMI Maquilleuse - Karmen SEFER Styliste - Camille PONS HUGUET DA / Photographe - FIFOU Photographe de tournage - Laura GILLI Productrice exécutive - Clara LESAGE Chargée de projet FATBROS - Camille BLONDEAU Directrice de production - Julie PELOSO Chargé de production - Arthur MILLER Stagiaires de production - Mateo LAMEYSE - Milio MÉNIELLE Animation Introduction - Kicksama Supervision post-production - Laura FIGUEIREDO Monteur - Florian HAUTEKIET, Jérôme FILLETTE, Carlito Mixage - Martin BONAMI Vignette - Antoine BEHAEGHEL- Moodmaker Management David GUETTA : Jean-Charles CARRE Jérémy ZEITOUN (Merciiiiiiiii) Pierre-Georges KIEFFER Ushuaïa / The Night League : Yann PISSENEM Shirin SAFFARI Ana Isabel MORENO Charles BRONGNIART Et toutes leurs équipes High Scream : Romain PISSENEM Et toute son équipe Wilfrid de Baise (Sennheiser France) Remerciements : Rhinoshield James DUTTON Luisa SALVADOR Maud BROOKE Philippe SITBON Fifou, légende ! Julien Rejoignez notre discord : 🤍 INSTAGRAM ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 FACEBOOK ►🤍 ►🤍 TWITTER ✔ 🤍 ✔ 🤍 TIKTOK 🤍carlitopourdevrai 🤍mcflytiktok Quel est le plat cuisiné le plus activiste ? Gratin Thunderg. Immenses félicitations à mon frère Carlito pour la magnifique nouvelle (Cf Gruge si vous avez la ref) Merci mon frère. Envoyez surtout tout l'amour et la force du monde à Erika, ça va lui faire maxi plaisir.

MAÇ ÖZETİ: Fenerbahçe 1-0 FK Partizan


Yeni sezon hazırlıklarının ikinci etabı için Avusturya’da bulunan Fenerbahçemiz, buradaki ilk hazırlık maçında Sırbistan ekibi FK Partizan ile karşı karşıya geldi. Takımımız, Graz kentindeki Merkür Arena Stadı'nda oynanan mücadeleden 1-0 galip ayrıldı. Özel içerikler için Fenerbahçe YouTube'a KATIL: 🤍 Fenerbahçe YouTube, Fenerbahçe YouTube Katıl ve FBTV YouTube kanallarına yüklenen videoların herhangi bir YouTube kanalında ve YouTube dışında farklı mecralarda izinsiz kullanılması yasaktır. İzinsiz kullanımlarda YouTube Content ID Telif Hakkı Koruma devreye girecektir. Abone olarak Fenerbahçemize destek olabilirsiniz. ►🤍 Fenerbahçe YouTube'da bulunan videolara başlık, açıklama ve altyazılara farklı dillerde katkıda bulunmak için ► 🤍 İzlemeniz gereken eğlenceli son videolarımız! 🔸 Canbay & Wolker'ın En İyi 11'i | BenimKadrom 🤍 🔹 İçimizden Biri: Erkan Karaca | 4. Bölüm 🤍 🔸 Altay Bayındır ile 1 Gün 😎 🤍 🔹 Naz Aydemir Akyol Kahve Yaparsa 😅☕️ 🤍 🔸 PASS MertHakanYandaş | 7. Bölüm 🤍 🔹 Maestro José Sosa İle Mate Yapımı 🍵 🤍 🔸 Kutumda Ne Var? - Bright Osayi-Samuel | NeKiBuKi​​🤔 🤍 İzlemeniz gereken video albümlerimiz! 🔸 Fenerbahçe YouTube Originals ► 🤍 🔹 Katıl'a Özel ► 🤍 🔸 Challenge Videoları ► 🤍 🔹 Bire Bir ► 🤍 🔸 Deplasman Hikayeleri ► 🤍 🔹 İçimizden Biri ► 🤍 🔸 Maç Özetleri ► 🤍 Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü’nün YouTube sayfasına hoş geldiniz. Faaliyet gösterdiğimiz tüm branşlarda sizler için hazırladığımız videoları kanalımızda bulabilirsiniz. Siz de abone olarak Fenerbahçemize destek olabilirsiniz! #Fenerbahçe SK Resmi YouTube Sayfasıdır The Official YouTube Channel of Fenerbahce SK

5.56 sucks so you want a 308 Battle Rifle? Here's my pick!


MAC Website & PrimaryArms website link: 🤍 Join Patreon and support MAC! 🤍 SubscribeStar: 🤍 MAC T-Shirt Store: 🤍 Challenge Targets Discount Code: MAC556 (🤍 OpticsPlanet Discount Code: MAC556 Modern Gun School: 🤍 Many people think 5.56 is weak and want something with more power and range. They opt for a big bore battle rifle. What do I think is the best modern big bore battle rifle and what would I choose? #308 #Rifle #HurtFeelings

I Bought The Password Journal From Your Childhood (Girl Tech)


Click here 🤍 and use my code macdoesit to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 Check out my new pod- Messy W/ Mac & Mike 🤍 Check out my other vids: REACTING TO ANTI-GAY COMMERCIALS BECAUSE I'M GAY: 🤍 (anti gay reaction) trying on weird costumes so you don't have to: 🤍 VIEWERS PICK MY OUTFITS Because I'm Lonely: 🤍 I follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial with only audio 🤍 I found a cure for gayness. 🤍 Welcome to another episode of MacDoesIt's as seen on tv reviews. Another video where I test as seen on tv products. This time it's my password journal from girl tech. These are the funny moments of my journey. Follow My Social-ness TWITTER: 🤍 MacDoesIt INSTAGRAM: 🤍 MacDoesIt TIKTOK: 🤍 MacDoesIt Similar to: Cody Ko, Courtreezy I'm a satirical comedic vlogger who creates content that is a cross between “Intelligently funny” and “an organized hot mess.” I do pop culture reviews, challenges, storytimes, etc. such as "A Salty Response from Pluto", "Why JuJu on That Beat is Evil", "I bought the rainbow art sponge we saw on TV in our childhood" AND MORE!

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Mac Augus Diaries 방광암 명의 иван золо стрим Тихое место 2 трейлер на русском malay хазяин 부동산매물 acdc live 내가제일잘나가 루나 посмотри это видео 원숭이띠 테스형스페인어 ЗАКУЛИСЬЕ: ИСТОРИЯ ПРОИСХОЖДЕНИЯ live video бой с тенью Колыбельная Шторма 군함격침 Morpheus